In 1967, Frank P. Nickel published a booklet of songs and hymns, titled "Sing and Give Thanks." The contents are listed below and each one will be added to the blog as time permits. Clicking highlighted titles will take you to the related blog entry with the song lyrics.

Besides his original songs, Rev. Nickel included in the songbook (with permission), poems and songs written by others, some of which he translated, added words, or arranged in a new musical setting. Original lyricists and composers are noted.

This booklet is out of print but a PDF scan (including music and lyrics) is available by email. Contact Joyce for a copy.

Table of Contents

  1. Sing and Give Thanks (Frank P. Nickel)
  2. I Do, Don't You (Melville W. Miller and E.O. Excell)
  3. I Will Sing of the Mercies (James H. Filmore)
  4. Thank You Jesus (Ruth G. Hallett and John C. Hallett)
  5. Now That I Know [I am Saved] (Frank P. Nickel)
  6. Blessed is the Man (Frank P. Nickel)
  7. A Joyful Christian (Frank P. Nickel)
  8. Thank God for the Bible (James M. Gray and Frank P. Nickel)
  9. Thine, Lord, is the Kingdom [The Lord's Prayer] (Frank P. Nickel)
  10. The Resurrection Day (Frank P. Nickel)
  11. My Bible and My Hymnbook (Frank P. Nickel) 
  12. How Do I Know (Eva Mae Withaus, harmony by Frank P. Nickel)
  13. Oh, Precious Mystery (Frank P. Nickel)
  14. A Child-Like Faith (Frank P. Nickel)
  15. I Must Have the Savior (Lizzie Edwards and Jno. R. Sweeny)
  16. Hilltops and Valleys (Paul & Ruth Hudson, Frank P. Nickel, and Eva Mae Withaus)
  17. The Good Shepherd Psalm (Frank P. Nickel)
  18. If My Tongue Were a Pen (Wanda Eck and Frank P. Nickel)
  19. Is Calvary Real? (Eva Mae Withaus and Frank P. Nickel)
  20. The God We Serve [Fiery Furnace] (Frank P. Nickel)
  21. The Family Altar (Frank P. Nickel)
  22. If I Gained the World (Anna Ă–lander, arr. Frank P. Nickel)
  23. The Wonderful Word of God (Vern Stromberg)
  24. The Men of Tomorrow (Frank P. Nickel, adapted from a poem by Wanda Eck)
  25. The Great Choice (Frank P. Nickel)
  26. Deeper, Deeper (by C.P. Jones)
  27. Serve the Lord with Gladness [Psalm 100] (Frank P. Nickel)
  28. Sing as You Ride (Mr. & Mrs. William H. Rice)
  29. I Want My Life to Tell (Mrs. Frank A. Breck and E.S. Lorenz)
  30. God's Way (Lida Shivers Leech)
  31. How Shall We Escape [So Great Salvation] (Frank P. Nickel)
  32. You'd Better Do It (Dave Hendricks, arr. by Theron Babcock)
  33. His Choice (William McChesney and Ruth Spurling Wilkens)
  34. The Harvest Call (Frank P. Nickel)
  35. To Be Like Jesus (unknown, arr. by Frank P. Nickel)
  36. In the Morning (Frank P. Nickel)
  37. Thank You (Frank P. Nickel)
  38. To You Who Believe (A.E. Smith, arr. by Frank P. Nickel)

11b. My Choice (poem by William Pearce McChesney)
12b. The Greatest Test (poem by Barbara Ryberg)

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