Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Men of Tomorrow

We are the men of tomorrow, we're told;
yet we live in a world where great sorrows unfold.
Though many advise to seek laughter and fun,
Yet what will it profit? Our lives soon are done.

Misunderstood, we the modern day youth
are asking for wisdom and seeking for truth.
We want the right answers, our search we pursue.
Sirs, we would see Jesus. May we see Him in you?

We are the men of tomorrow, but fear
all our dreams of contentment will soon disappear.
For voices are calling and pressures are great
So many are falling, how dreadful their fate.

Often we're told that the Savior can fill
our hearts with contentment when doing His will.
Intrigued by the message, for we would not fail;
Sirs, we would see Jesus in living portrayal.

We are the men of tomorrow, you say;
but for guidance we look to the men of today.
To men, who for courage and wisdom are known;
fair blueprints of life to pattern our own.

Yes, there is calling the herald of truth:
"Oh heed your creator in the days of your youth."
Your joy, like a cup, will be filled to the brim.
Sirs, we would see Jesus. Please lead us to Him!

We would see Jesus, but where shall we go?
We would see Jesus, salvation to know.
We would see Jesus in lives that are true.
Sirs, we would see Jesus. We are counting on you!


Adapted from a poem by Wanda Eck, Recorded on LP 467: A Joyful Christian, side one
Published as poem #36 in Contemporary Psalms and song #24 in Sing and Give Thanks
Contact Joyce if you would like a copy of the music.

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