Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oh, Precious Mystery

Oh, precious mystery, that my Creator,
who fills the universe—earth, sea and sky—
came to be born within a lowly stable,
on manger bed in swaddling clothes did lie.

Oh, precious mystery, what matchless glory

and boundless wealth Christ Jesus left behind;
though He was rich beyond all comprehension,
bore pain and poverty with lowly mind.

Oh, precious mystery, with life eternal,
He tasted death on earth for you and me;
though He was buried, yet He rose triumphant
and lives today to set sin's captives free.

Oh, precious mystery, the High and Holy
who fills the universe—earth, sea and sky—
The great "I AM," who spoke the worlds to being,
for me He came, to suffer and to die.

This poem is set to music as song #13 in "Sing and Give Thanks"
Contact Joyce for a copy.

Photo: Deposit Photos 19584681, Standard License

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