Saturday, April 29, 2017

On Being Teachable

We live to learn and learn to live,
the process never ends;
and pity, pity on the man
whose mind no longer bends.

No grace in being gullible,
(we all at times have been)
there is a time to disbelieve
till certain proofs we’ve seen.

But when suspicion takes control
and we no longer trust,
our world of joy and usefulness
has crumbled in the dust.

More hope there is for pauper child
who would more truth discern
than aging king upon a throne
who will no longer learn.

By taking failures cheerfully,
we’ll rise and onward press;
for what we learn in losses oft’
will crown our next success.

'Tis no disgrace to ask advice
and a humble spirit hold;
the man who bows his head quite low,
may well discover gold.

And furthermore, by seeking aid,
we may well gain a friend;
for don’t we all feel gratified
when asked advice to lend?

Lord, grant me such stability
for gimmicks not to fall;
but please Lord, keep me teachable,
I’ll never know it all!

Published as poem #20 in Contemporary Psalms

Photo Credit: Deposit Photo #26029779, standard license

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