Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Family Altar

Do you have a family altar
where you gather every day
and each member of your family
unites to read and pray?
Have you learned the blessed secret
of that quiet, holy hour;
have you seen the burdens lifted
and each soul renewed with power?

If God’s favor on the marriage,
which His providence decreed,
shall be yours as loving parents,
grace abundant you will need.
Many homes today are broken,
Oh, how great is satan’s might;
but if you’ll read and pray together,
things will surely turn out right.

If with healthy minds and bodies
all your family might be blessed
and success results from effort
as they strive to do their best,
you may ask for heavenly mercies
which are brand new every day
when you call them all together
and take time to read and pray.*

You can only bless your family 
with a heritage so great
by a firm and honest effort,
taking time on God to wait.
You will never find it easy 
with your family thus to meet,
but the choicest of God’s blessings
must be sought at Jesus’ feet!

fpn / undated

Recorded on LP 365: My Sheep Know My Voice, side two
Published as poem #35 in Contemporary Psalms and as song #21 in Sing and Give Thanks
Contact Joyce for a copy of the music.

*verse modified by the Editor

Photo Credit: Deposit Photos #27740641, standard license

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