Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Citizenship in Heaven

Forget not all His benefits, my soul, bless thou the Lord.
Review His tender mercies and the comfort of His word.
Remember well the greatest of the gifts that He has given:
Eternal life through Christ our Lord and citizenship in heaven.

Forget not all His benefits, for friends and loved ones dear;
For those who share our joys with us, who in our grief stand near.
Thank God for courage and for strength when past endurance driven.
Yet keep in mind that gift supreme: your citizenship in heaven.

Forget not all His benefits within the walls called home.
For peace and for protection as the paths of life we roam.
For healing of these bodies and for sins, now all forgiven.
For hope beyond this vale of tears and citizenship in heaven.

Oh bless the Lord for Jesus' blood and for his side once riven
Eternal life through Christ is mine, and citizenship in heaven.

fpn (no date)
originally posted Jan. 25, 2014

This poem was also set to music for SATB. Contact Joyce if you would like a copy.

Photo Credit: Deposit Photos #3508959, standard license

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