Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Bible and My Hymnbook

My Bible and my hymnbook grow dearer ev’ry day.
They comfort and they guide me along life’s toilsome way.
’Tis through God’s word, the Bible, His tender voice I hear
and as I sing and worship, I feel His presence near.

Some people treat the Bible as ‘twere a lucky charm.
It’s not the book, but message, that saves us from all harm.
Such folks don’t use their hymnbook for superstitious hearts,
can never sing with liberty the songs which grace imparts.

Oh, Brother, read your Bible and use your hymnbook, too;
for life at best by ev’ry test, no other book will do.
Your Bible and your hymnbook, oh, hide them in your heart;
you’ll have an anchor for your soul. God’s truth they will impart.

fpn / 1967
Recorded on LP467, side one; published as Poem #9 in Contemporary Psalms, and as Song #11 in “Sing and Give Thanks." If you would like a copy of the music, contact Joyce.

Photo: #36662225, standard license

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