Monday, June 12, 2017

Do It Again, Lord

Noah was true when his friends went astray;
while others scoffed, built the ark anyway.
You spurred him on till that deluge of rain;
as our trials mount, please do it again.

Moses stood still by the shore of the sea
pressed by a army and nowhere to flee.
You made a path just as dry as the plain;
when we face Red Seas, Lord, do it again.

Joshua circled that Jericho town;
God’s people shouted, the walls tumbled down.
How can we conquer this world and its sin?
You have the answer; Lord, do it again.

Elijah called to the spiritually blind,
“Why be so fickle, please make up your mind!”
Building an altar, he then stopped to pray;
God sent the fire; Lord, do it today.

Pentecost found them all gathered in prayer;
soon they were preaching God’s word everywhere.
Nothing could stop them, although some were slain;
we need that boldness; Lord, do it again.

Stephen just drove them right out of their wits
when he lashed out at those vain hypocrites.
It cost him his life, but it shook up the town;
Saul got converted, turned the world upside down.

Peter and John met a beggar one day
just as they entered the temple to pray.
“Silver and gold have I none,” Peter said,
“Jesus now heals you, so take up your bed.”

All these are telling us what You have done,
how You complete everything You’ve begun.
We know you’re able—to us it is plain,
but our world needs to see it, so do it again.

Send a revival, oh, send it today—
saints in repentance and sinners who pray.
Grant us forgiveness and cleanse every stain;
give us your blessing; Lord, do it again.

Do it again, Lord, do it again;
You know just how and where to begin.
You’ve shown your power so often before,
so do it again, Lord, do it once more.

fpn / undated
Published as Poem #34 in Contemporary Psalms

Picture of painting "Il passaggio del Mar Rosso" by Luca Giordano

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