Sunday, July 2, 2017

Facing the Final Day (Planning Your Funeral)

Have you thought about your funeral?
Have you plans for that great day?
To the ones you leave behind you, 
is there something you would say?

Seems to me you’ve got an option
which you can’t afford to miss;
mingling with the tears of loved ones,
feelings of eternal bliss.

When you know where you are going,
and aware of what you’ll find,
making plans for your own funeral
won’t disturb your peace of mind.

There are different kinds of funerals,
most of them are not too long.
Surely you could make suggestions
as to sermon and a song.

If you’ve lived a life with purpose,
surely some advice you’d give
to the ones who still are traveling,
as to how it pays to live.

There will come that golden moment,
you can really make it count,
if you dearly love your Savior
and you’ve been to Calvary’s mount.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder
why some Christians seem to shun
any reference to their funeral,
when they know it’s going to come.

Some have gained a modest fortune
by their diligence, but still,
when the Reaper comes to claim them,
haven’t even made a will.

That’s not being realistic,
for your life’s a sacred trust;
God has made of you His steward,
careful planning is a must.

Those who share abundant living
as they dwell upon this sod
love to think about the future
and the glories of our God.

If you’ve lived a life with purpose
surely some advice you’d give
to the ones who still are traveling
as to how it pays to live.

If you’re really bound for heaven
and you’ve laid up treasures there,
you’ll rejoice to go and claim them
as you leave this world of care.

While you’re here, you have the privilege
to decide a thing or two;
as you plan for your own funeral,
make sure Christ is seen in you.


Published as poem #42 in Contemporary Psalms.

Picture: #27072651, standard license

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