Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hilltops and Valleys

by Paul and Ruth Hudson
Third stanza by Frank P. Nickel

I walk on the hilltops—
I walk through the valleys;
wherever my footsteps,
my Saviour is there.
On the hilltops with Jesus
I sense heaven’s spendor,
in the valleys I know
His compassionate care.

Should life be all hilltops
of beauty and glory,
should there be no heartaches
to mar my sweet bliss,
should there be no sorrows
to share with my Saviour?
Then His tenderest touch
I forever would miss.

By faith I will follow
my Lord every moment,
o’er hilltops and valleys
we’ll walk side by side.
His love is so precious,
His mercies so tender,
and I will not question
whatever betide.

As summer and winter
both come in their season,
so hilltops and valleys,
alike, must be trod.
Each one has its purpose
and each has its lesson;
and I will not falter,
for I walk with God!

Published as Poem #3 in Contemporary Psalms and Song #16 in "Sing and Give Thanks"
Song recorded by the Nickel Family Singers on side two of LP365 My Sheep Know My Voice

Picture: depositphotos.com #31617345, standard license

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