Thursday, July 20, 2017

Real Life Insurance

by Frank P. Nickel

They call it “life” insurance
and I don’t want to fuss
but it’s really a misnomer
affecting all of us.

You can insure my money,
but life, my greatest wealth,
has boundaries and limits;
and this is true of health.

Yes, some would pay a fortune
for just a few more years,
but who would dare to bargain
with a dying man in tears?

Don’t think me idiotic;
you might respond with “Wow!”
but I’ve got life insurance 
for a thousand years from now.

Returns are so fantastic
just now, with more to come
for body, soul and spirit—
of bliss, the total sum.

First, peace with God is granted
on being justified;
all needs, with deep contentment,
are guaranteed beside.

And then, there’s glory waiting
beyond this vale of tears
in a land of sweet contentment
where they count not time by years.

To claim this mighty contract,
your money will not do.
God’s wonderful salvation
is free of charge to you.

Your part is just accepting
that Jesus shed His blood;
receiving as your Saviour
the risen Son of God.

Published in Contemporary Psalms, p. 4
(c) 1975 by Radiant Light Enterprises

Picture: #55008735, standard license

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