Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Love Defined (Version One)

Of all the things we talk about
one subject heads the list.
In tones profound, we speak this word
or often as we jest.
The central theme of preachers
and of Hollywood as well;
it’s origin at times is heaven
but oft it’s spawned in hell.

The young, the old, the rich, the poor,
the proud, the sad, the gay,
the lonely and the socialite
must think of it each day.
It’s connotation may be brash
or gentle as a dove;
perhaps by now you’ve guessed, my friend,
this powerful word is LOVE.

Let’s take a bit of time just now
attempting to define
just what LOVE means to you and me—
the natural and sublime.
The kind that’s base we’ll set aside
though it has worldly fame;
I’m sure you know as well as I
it leads to sin and shame.

The highest form of love revealed
by faith alone we share:
a cross upon a lonely hill—
our Savior dying there.
He was the very Son of God
born just as you and I;
Who took the place that we deserved,
for us He chose to die.

To earn such love, we’ve never done
one solitary thing;
and though we cannot understand,
we can rejoice and sing.
Our judgment past, our debt is gone,
our sins are all forgiven;
we now are fully justified
and know we’re bound for heaven.

Then there’s a love that’s intimate
between a man and wife;
we would not downgrade, for it has
its rightful place in life.
But God has set strict boundaries
to grace the marriage bond;
and those who trifle with these laws
to judgment must respond.

Well, there’s another kind of love
and it’s noteworthy too;
and most essential to us all
each day, our whole life through.
It has to do with attitudes
of friends and those who care;
of mother, father, daughter, son,
and all with whom we share.

This natural affection which
the Bible speaks about
has noble purpose, for it serves
to cheer day in, day out.
The kindly life, the gentle word,
the admonition, too,
expressions of concern and care,
with confidence so true.

What grace is shown, and hope renewed
within the walls called home;
what consolation, what reprieve,
from rugged paths we roam.
And then to share with friends outside
the best things of this life;
how sweet such providence of God,
in this vain world of strife.

And thus, we note three types of love
that surface on the sod;
the greatest of them all revealed 
through Christ, the Son of God.
He first imparts this love to us,
God’s Spirit makes the gift;
then, as He loved, we love Him back;
sweet praises we now lift.


This is the earliest version of two poems sharing this title, first published as poem #28 in Contemporary Psalms. Frank felt compelled to edit and republish a more concise version which you may read by clicking here

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