Monday, October 16, 2017

Thank God for the Bible

Words by James M. Gray
Music by Frank P. Nickel, 1967

O how can we thank Thee, our God, for the Bible?
Whose truth doth each century clearer reveal;
the fountain of wisdom and source of all knowledge, 
the court of humanity’s final appeal.

O here thou revealest that Thou art our Father,
the hand that hath fashioned and caused us to be.
The “resident forces,” “electrons,” and “atoms” 
could never have made or have loved us like Thee.

O how can we thank Thee, our God, for the Bible;
the gospel’s glad story, nor else had we known
of sinners redeemed and made meet for Thy glory,
of sinners redeemed who shall sit on Thy throne!

Then glory and honor, dominion, and power 
ascribe to the Trinity again and again.
To Father, and Son, and the blest Holy Spirit, 
forever and ever, and ever, Amen!

These lyrics are set to music, as song #8 in the songbook titled “Sing and Give Thanks
Contact Joyce for a copy. The song was also recorded by the Nickel Family Singers on side one of LP671 "Wonderful Love."

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