Friday, October 20, 2017

The Divine Perspective (full length)

Proverbs 14:12Mark 8:36

We all adopt philosophies
while passing through the years,
born either from successes
or adversities and fears.
Or possibly, tradition plays
a part—how we’ve been taught
through precept and example,
and advice which we have sought.
We may be right, we may be wrong;
we’ll live and die that way,
then stand before the Judge of all
in joy or in dismay.

Heredity, environment,
both surely play a part
but dare we make excuses? No,
the issue is our heart.
’Tis true, we lost our paradise
when our first parents sinned;
but we can get it back, you know;
through Christ it is regained.
To fit into that paradise,
where God is in control,
calls for a true, whole-hearted love
for Him within our soul.

And this, of course, requires change
in how we think and live.
It’s not within our will nor power;
this grace our God must give.
The choice is ours, we must decide
to take the gift of life,
and turn our backs upon this world
which seems a sacrifice.
But there is peace awaiting, as
we make Christ Jesus Lord,
and let Him have complete control,
submitting to His Word.

It is real peace of mind,
contentment at its best;
the Bible says that there remains
for us and inward rest.
So many voices call to us,
professing that they know
just what it is and how God will
this grace on us bestow.
But take the time to check God’s Word,
it’s precious as your breath;
avoid “the way that seemeth right
to man, but ends in death.”

What shall it profit, Jesus said
(sit down and count the cost),
if you should gain this whole, wide world
and then your soul be lost?
But that’s not all that matters, for
we have a life to live;
and for each moment of that life,
a strict account we’ll give.
Now we’re inclined to magnify
the present, here and now,
and take no thought of that great day,
when to the Lord we’ll bow.

We can invest our lives and claim
tremendous dividends
when we shall meet our Saviour
and our pilgrim journey ends.
Why live for pleasure, selfish gain,
and fame this world affords?
We’ll leave it all behind some day,
like old and rotten boards.
But we can send supplies ahead
which never shall decay,
if we’ll invest our lives for God
unselfishly today.


Published as poem #50 in Contemporary Psalms. An abridged version was published later.
Picture: #21171863, standard license

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