Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Overcome at Christmas

Loaded with packages on a cold afternoon,
fingering money gone all too soon!
Fighting the traffic, finally get home
simply exhausted, “plumb overcome!”

Hurrying the supper, stacking so high
dishes, which later we’ll wash—maybe dry.
Prodding the children, force them to bed,
packaging gifts, numb hands, weary head!

Finally to bed at a quarter past twelve;
can’t do the dishes, they’ll wait on the shelf.
Oh, what excitement, just why do we give?
“Christmas,” they’re saying. I’ll know, if I live!

Weary and nervous, unable to sleep.
Trying to drop off and counting the sheep.
Suddenly shepherds appear in my mind:
angels, a stable, a mother so kind.

A Son has been given, a babe has been born.
Jesus, they named Him; to save the forlorn.
God’s gift so precious, for souls in sin’s night;
Birthday? Yes, His—why, of course, that is right!

Was all of it needful, to rush around so?
I ponder the question; my answer is, “No!”
Forget about Christmas, if, as many do,
the One to be honored, I leave Him out too!

Lord, give me wisdom to put first things first;
oh, Gift of true substance; oh, Quencher of thirst!
Oh, Love so transcending, my heart be Thy home;
I drop off to slumber, in peace, “overcome!”


Picture: depositphotos.com #44255237, standard license

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