Friday, December 22, 2017

The Prince of Peace

In Bethlehem, one holy day
slept God’s own Son on bed of hay.
The virgin-born, sin’s debt would pay;
the Christ, the Prince of Peace.

The wise men saw His eastern star
and brought rich gifts form lands afar
to where the babe and mother were;
to Christ, the Prince of Peace.

Why is our world by war so torn
and why are hearts so sad, forlorn?
It is because they treat with scorn
the Christ, the Prince of Peace.

Wise men today, on land and sea
revere His name and bend their knee
acknowledging the deity
of Christ the Prince of Peace.

Thou Holy One, Thou Prince of Peace,
Thou King of Kings, make wars to cease;
may men acknowledge Thee as Lord
and Christ, the Prince of Peace.

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Picture: #18080945, standard license

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