Monday, December 18, 2017

The Wise Men

Who were these wise men who came from the East
at the sign of a star in the sky?
Long was their journey, but how was it made?
And just why, at a cost surely high?

Were there but three who came all the way
through a desert so wide and so wild?
Kings could they be, or great prophets per chance,
or scholars in search of a child?

Why did not others who lived nearer by
see the star? If they did, then just why
did no one seem aware of a happening so rare
in the probable months that went by?

Silent on questions like these is God’s Word;
but the God of high counsel and thought
called and persuaded and led them that way,
that a wonder (one more) should be wrought!

Opening treasures, they knelt at His feet
and worshipped God’s favor to win;
low my heart bows, but rejoices again,
when I think that they brought him their sin!

Back to their land—was there nothing they took?
Ah yes, pardon from sin their reward!
Hearts that were light, hope glorious and bright,
what a gift they received from the Lord!

Where are the wise men who follow today,
while the light of his grace clearly shines?
Come to the Savior and leave Him your sin;
oh, be loosed from satanic confines!

Naught can we bring, be the gift e’er so rare,
till we own Him as Savior and Lord;
as a star in the night, His truth shines today;
be wise, and believe in His Word!


Art: Henry Siddons Mowbray [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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