Sunday, December 23, 2018

Man's Plight -- Unbelief (Repost)

God graced this earthly setting
as light invades the night;
He came as Friend and Saviour
to reach us in our plight.

He did not throw a life-line
while calling from afar,
but being born a  human,
He came to where we are.

Due to His lowly entry
so many failed to see 
the glory in His bosom
with power to set us free.

But few there were that welcomed—
whose hearts were right with God;
wise men, then too, the shepherds,
who slept upon the sod.

And there were several others,
but not a massive throng,
to hail the King of Glory
with tumult and with song.

Our pride keeps us from trusting
a God who can dissolve
the great and massive problems
which we have failed to solve.

As then, preferring darkness,
our race at large disdains
the light of life in Jesus,
while sin and error reigns.

fpn 12/82

Picture: #10219777, editorial license

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