Friday, January 4, 2019

Planning Ahead

The way to look at life, my friend,
if you would win at last,
depends upon two vantage points—
the future and the past.

But you object, “There’s almost naught
of the future we can know!”
The past is clear, all must agree,
our gains and losses show.

But have you heard that history
repeats itself full well;
and this is one of several ways,
the future we can tell.

So let’s project our thinking to 
the day that we shall die;
we’ll look at life as in the past;
for changes, then, we’ll sigh.

This way, past history is ahead,
and wrongs we then can right;
the sad mistakes we can avoid,
and actions that would blight.

It’s idealistic, yes, I know,
but not impossible;
for God can help us see and plan
the life that’s sweet and full.

(repost from August 2, 2017)

Picture: from The Peanut Gallery blog, accessed online July 30, 2017

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