Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Sublime Artistry

Of all the skills and aptitudes
that grace the modern scene,
there's one that's being overlooked;
we dare not call it mean.
Quite frankly, it's most difficult,
but few e'er qualify;
so many fail to see its worth
until the day they die.

The artist's brush, the lyric's voice,
the vibrant symphony,
may seem at times to be divine
and touch infinity.
Let earthly grandeur, strength and skill
be e'er so great, and yet
one artistry excels them all:
forgive, and then forget.

There's much injustice in this world
and possibly you've known
the weight of accusations which
some other one should own.
But through some twist or quirk of fate
they fell upon your head;
your shame so great, you almost felt
'twere better to be dead.

Maturity in God's dear child
comes only with the years.
Life's trials can lead to solid joy
even in the midst of tears.
We walk by faith and not by sight;
our God can never fail.
It's never easy, for our foe
will tempt, oppose, assail.

He works through people, even friends
who sometimes prove untrue.
That's when it hurts—when we're despised
by those whom once we knew.
Now God in time will vindicate,
and some, with deep regret,
will seek our pardon; can we then
forgive, and yes, forget?

But some will never come around,
although they know they're wrong.
Now here's the test of Christian grace:
shall these disrupt our song?
"Forgive them, Father," so Christ prayed;
He cancelled all our debt.
Let's do the same, in Jesus' name:
forgive, and then forget.


Published as poem #24 in Contemporary Psalms
Picture: depositphotos.com #24975073, standard license

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