Friday, April 21, 2017

Those Who Trust God Fully (Trust Rewarded)

Those Who Trust God Fully (Trust Rewarded)
original hymn title: “Keiner wird zu Schanden”
lyrics by Gustav Friedrich Ludwig Knak
translated from the German by Frank P. Nickel

Psalm 25:3 "Let none that wait on thee be ashamed."

Those who trust God fully cannot know disgrace.
Shall I be the first, then, such an end to face?
No, the thought is vain and groundless, oh, my faithful Lord.
Countless galaxies may vanish; never shall Thy word!

'Tis Thy blessed promise, “Ask, ye shall receive;
seek and ye shall find.” Our need God will relieve.
Those who knock consistently, God will not ignore.
Through Him, walls foreboding yield an open door.

Lord, by faith I’ll venture on at Thy command;
cares of mine and others, Thou dost understand.
All my heartaches, deep frustrations, all those chafing fears,
to Thy heart I’ll bear them; Thou dost count my tears.

Merciful and Mighty, dearest Friend to me;
my soul’s star and sunshine, cheering constantly.
Midnight gloom or through death’s vale, contented still I am.
Soon I’m joining in the marriage banquet of the Lamb!


Published as poem #37 in Contemporary Psalms, available as sheet music, contact Joyce.
Photo Credit: Joyce Rempel

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