Tuesday, June 27, 2017

On Being Cheerful

It isn’t hard in times like these—
the world is so distressed—
to hold a gloomy attitude
and a spirit much depressed.

God’s grace is ample for each need;
let’s just apply for more.
Self-pity, like a grouchy dog,
will drive friends from your door.

If friends you’d have, then be a friend;
go lift another’s load.
Perhaps his lot is harder still,
more difficult his road.

He may be struggling, oh, so hard,
in battles he must win;
to see you with a frown or scowl
won’t help him lift his chin.

It may just make the difference
that will spell success or loss;
determine now how you will leave
some friend whose path you cross.

How will complaining ease your load
or other friends inspire?
Can you not see some stepping stones
protruding from the mire?

Not always easy? I’ll agree!
The world’s in such a mess;
but as you walk with God each day
some others you can bless.

God’s Word holds many promises;
they’re meant for you and me.
Let’s demonstrate how true they are
by living cheerfully!


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