Monday, June 26, 2017

Faith Which Works by Love

Let theologians wrangle
and lay the scriptures bare;
revealing by their logic
that they can split a hair.
But I’ve one deep desire:
to please my Lord above
and demonstrate by practice
a faith which works by love.

Yes, I’m aware, my brother,
that ignorance is not bliss;
but “knowledge puffeth up” and thus
much truth we’re bound to miss.
And I am sadly burdened
in what I read and see,
how God’s own flock is scattered
by men of high degree.

I’m not against the scholars
who dig into God’s word,
but let them be reminded
how God is truly heard.
He never shares a secret
with those He cannot trust;
however intellectual,
humility’s a must!

So, when a man is learned
and owns revered degrees,
God often lets him stumble
for failure of his knees
to bow in deep abandon
and ask for truth concealed;
for God is not discovered,
He only is revealed.

New books are being written
for grown-ups and for youth;
though ever so persuasive,
some do pervert the truth.
Just like a little poison,
in the most wholesome food,
results in fatal damage;
corrupting what is good.

Now here’s a word of comfort
Christ gave to you and me:
It’s “Ye shall know the truth
and the truth shall make you free.”
He clearly thanked the Father
for all those rich in faith,
though poor in means and spirit,
accepting what God says!

Shall men of cloth and standing
force God into a mold?
Can laboratory testing
the mind of God unfold?
Christ said that He would send us
His Spirit from above.
If we’ll submit, He’ll teach us
the faith which works by love!

Published as poem #18 in Contemporary Psalms

Picture: #8335348, standard license

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