Saturday, July 22, 2017

The First and Second Coming

’Twas not unto the masses
that “glory shone around,”
but to the lowly shepherds
all seated on the ground.
Their longing hearts enraptured,
so many years forlorn;
their trusting faith rewarded,
Jesus Christ is born!

Word of His first appearing
by faithful prophets shared,
fulfilled, yet found the masses
completely unprepared.
Though many knew the scriptures
pertaining to His birth,
yet few believed the message:
Christ had come to earth.

The dawning of the morning
when Christ shall reappear
is surely now upon us,
yet who shall see and hear?
Oh, may His second coming,
much heralded today,
find us awake and waiting;
let us watch and pray!


Published as Poem #13 in Contemporary Psalms ©1975 by Radiant Light Enterprises
This poem has been set to music (Rutherford, by Chréten Urhan; arr. by Edward F. Rimbault).
For a copy of the printed music, contact Joyce.

Picture: Govert Flinck [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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