Tuesday, August 1, 2017

God’s Orders

I choose to take God’s orders,
and do so cheerfully;
for Satan might have claimed me,
but Christ has set me free.

How could I be presumptuous
and cater to my whim,
when Jesus died to save me?
I owe my life to Him.

I choose to take God’s orders,
which lead to long-range good,
though sometimes I may question
and not see how they could.

My temporary losses—
quite often, they are not;
but in disguise, a blessing.
Why hoard the things that rot?

I choose to take God’s orders;
what gain they prove to be,
not only for the present,
but for eternity.

Resigned to be made gracious
so I may then invest,
for God, in lives of others
and move with holy zest.

I choose to take God’s orders—
or better said, His call.
How precious is our friendship.
Yes, He deserves my all!

fpn / December 1982

Picture: depositphotos.com #3571934, standard license

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