Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Spiritual Drink

A drink of water for a child
shall surely be rewarded,
if as unto the Lord Himself,
your deed has been regarded.

The water that you give to him
just now will be refreshing;
e’er long he’ll have to drink again—
’tis but a present blessing.

But is there not within your heart
more than a cup of water?
And is that not the greatest need
of every son and daughter?

Did not our Lord say He would give
to those who come believing,
a mighty spring of sweeter flow,
the thirst of soul relieving?

So while the water from the well
with him, a friend, you’re sharing,
do give to him the better drink,
his needy soul repairing.

Your deed, your words, will be to him
a pause that truly pleases,
if with the water from the well,
you speak to him of Jesus.


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