Friday, September 1, 2017

Effectual Prayer

James 5:16-18

All the springs had dried and fields were barren;
neither dew nor rain—three years and more;
then Elijah prayed for showers from heaven,
staying on his knees till he was sure.

Soon a little cloud—just a little cloud
seemed to be the size of a man’s hand
in the western sky, granting from on high,
promise of refreshing to the land.

“Of like passions to us,” was the prophet;
this should give us courage to achieve.
God is still the same and we can trust Him
when we humbly call and then believe.

Ponder well the drought and ask the question,
was not sin the cause of failure there?
If your soul is parched and joy has vanished,
search your heart and go to God in prayer.

God is merciful and quick to pardon
when we own our sins and humbly bow;
He has made provision to forgive us
by the death of Christ on Calvary’s brow.

And my native land, for thee I’m praying;
how we need revival from above.
Strife and turmoil then will be averted;
souls will come to know the God of love.

Published as Poem #52 in Contemporary Psalms

Picture: accessed online, August 28, 2017

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