Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Your Check Up

You hope that everything’s all right;
of course you love the Lord;
but somehow, He is not so real,
nor do you crave His Word.
In sickness there are symptoms
which may point you to the cause;
the soul you have is much the same,
God has established laws.

It takes a healthy appetite
to keep you strong and well;
and food with proper nourishment
your hunger soon should quell.
Some people eat and eat and eat,
and still they crave for more;
but if they fail to exercise,
ill health may be in store.

The lesson’s simple, so it takes
a lot of common sense
to keep us going day by day,
without undue expense
for hospital and doctor’s care
and time when we’re laid up;
when we’d much rather get things done
and drink from life’s full cup.

Now I am merely trying
to be a friend in need;
are there some warning signals
which you refuse to heed?
I mean, the loss of appetite,
pertaining to God’s word,
and lack of zeal to witness
on behalf of Christ your Lord?

Now, I don’t want to meddle,
but I think you too will say
some things in which you get involved,
though seemingly okay,
yet, when you cast a backward glance 
at setting of the sun,
may then appear, without a doubt,
as not-so-innocent fun.

Both work and play are needful
so many times you’ve heard;
but don’t forget communion
with God and with His word.
If you’ve set up a schedule
that crowds the Savior out,
you’ll soon face great frustration—
a life of fear and doubt.

What type of entertainment
most gratifies your mind?
And are there subtle factors
which tend your soul to blind?
For Satan has his agents
who skillfully deceive;
if you begin to listen,
his lies you will believe.

The acid test of God’s own Word,
Philippians four, verse eight,
will prove your only safeguard
for a lifestyle safe and great.
For a healthy view of living,
with heart and mind set free,
you can’t afford to spend much time
in front of your TV.

You may suppose you’re strong enough
to note and shun the dross;
but when your mind has been defiled,
your soul will suffer loss.
So check your temperature today,
and appetite as well;
return and feed upon God’s Word
and in His presence dwell.

I know it’s hard to face it
when your guilt may be involved;
but wouldn’t it be better still
to have your problem solved?
And then you’ll reap eternal gain;
you’ll have your name engraved
on heaven’s achievement records
for seeing loved ones saved.


Published as poem #22 in Contemporary Psalms
Picture: #11164766, standard license

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