Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Thrilled with the Goodness of God

Depth of mercy, oh where shall I start,
the dimensions of grace to impart?
Oh how blessed the peace,
and how sweet the release,
since Jesus came into my heart.

Where, oh where, shall my praises begin,
for the One who has saved me from sin?
Tongues of angels and men,
or the most graphic pen,
could not tell what I feel deep within!

Access into this grace, yes, ’tis true;
what I ask in His name, He will do.
If His will is my choice,
I shall hear His sweet voice,
speaking peace and assurance anew.

And the glorious prospect before:
I shall see Him, the one I adore;
with that jubilant throng,
join in praises and song,
where we’ll tell of His grace evermore!

I am thrilled with the goodness of God,
Yes, I’m thrilled with the goodness of God;
from sin’s slavery and loss
was redeemed at the cross,
where the innocent Lamb shed His blood.

Oh, the blessings of life that are mine
and eternity’s hope so sublime!
Overwhelmed by His love,
I have life from above.
I am thrilled with the goodness of God.


Published as poem #53 in Contemporary Psalms
Picture: depositphotos.com #9376729, standard license

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