Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Peace Like a River

Words and music by C.D. Davis 

Peace like a river 
Flows through my soul 
I've been forgiven 
Cleansed and made whole 

Peace like a river so gently is flowing 
How sweet to my soul is this marvelous peace 
Sweeter and sweeter each day it is growing 
Like billows of glory it never shall cease 

Filled with the spirit 
I am so happy 
Jesus has given 
Wonderful peace 

Peace gently flowing 
Sweet and divine 
Gives the assurance 
Jesus is mine 

Glory forever to Jesus my Savior 
For wonderful, marvelous, heavenly peace 
Peace overflowing much sweeter is growing 
What wonderful, wonderful peace

Recorded by the Nickel Family Singers on LP 365: My Sheep Know My Voice, side one.
Bass solo by oldest son, Charles.

Video created by Joyce Rempel on 
Baptism photos accessed online. Other photos purchased from, standard license

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