Sunday, September 3, 2017

The God of Harmony

The God of the universe
went by a plan
when creating a world
well suited to man.
It’s only the surface
of this earthen ball
which is friendly to animal
mammal and fowl.

The variance of pressure 
in earth’s atmosphere
is but slight day by day,
as we pass through the year;
and the temperature changes
through daylight and night,
if not held in close limits
would spell man’s fatal plight.

In the law of the harvest
from trees and the fields,
though taken for granted,
what causes the yield?
There is vegetable, animal,
and mineral life;
these are balanced in nature
by a carefully planned strife.

God’s governing laws,
so firm and precise,
when flaunted, will call
for a terrible price.
But respecting and striving
these laws to fulfill,
brings tremendous blessing
in vale and o’er hill.

On the face of God’s earth
sits man, who is blind,
who maintains he controls
everything with his mind.
His rebellion and sin
six millenniums record;
but towering o’er all
is the truth of God’s Word.

For God sent His Son
to scatter sin’s night,
to open our eyes
with healing and light.
Why not trust in the Lord,
so wise and so great,
who with love and compassion
still cares for our state.

We can only survive
when His precepts we heed;
for health and for wealth
His atonement we need.
Our minds are so feeble,
our strength is so small,
our only recourse
is on Jesus to call.

He saves and sustains us
and changes our hearts;
He guides us aright,
divine wisdom imparts.
The God of all order
and harmony, He
makes melody swell
from hearts that are free.


Published as poem #40 in Contemporary Psalms
Picture: #139728736, standard license

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