Monday, September 4, 2017

The Holy Spirit

How fortunate the man who knows
the Holy Spirit’s power
and constantly communicates
with God each conscious hour.

Far more than influence (He is that),
a real person is He,
who has a mind, who has a will,
and who can feel with me.

He takes His place beside me in
each circumstance of life.
He never tires, nor does He leave
in times of storm and strife.

Third person of the God-head, He
is never caught off guard.
My pace He may accelerate
and then again, retard.

His presence makes for power and love
and always a sound mind;
my heart, when owning His full sway
will certainly be kind.

The name He bears will tell in part
His virtues and His work
as comforter, He calms my fears
where sudden dangers lurk.

As master teacher, He instructs
on issues paramount.
When facing choices, He will point
to things that really count.

He is the Holy Spirit, whom
the world can never know.
His thoughts are clean, His motives pure,
delights God’s truth to show.

The atmosphere is charged today
with other spirits high
whose purpose is to substitute 
for truth, a subtle lie.

The problem, friend, is Lucifer
(as Satan he is known);
no earthly mind can match his wit,
nor conquer him alone.

He is the prince of darkness and
a kingdom he controls;
he tempts, deceives, manipulates
a mass of wretched souls.

God’s very own are not exempt
from strategy so shrewd;
for Satan even quotes God’s Word,
but always misconstrued.

He offers many pleasures, and
of course, “enlightened minds,”
but dims the conscience, so with ease
the soul he quickly blinds.

’Tis for this cause that Jesus sent
the Holy Spirit true,
to share His love, explain His truth,
and guide our footsteps, too.

He takes God’s Word and lights the path
sin’s darkness to dispel,
and charts aright the course of life
to heaven instead of hell.

But that’s not all; by grace divine
produces fruit through me
of love and meekness, joy and peace
which those about shall see.

He can be grieved, He can be quenched;
oh God forbid, I pray,
that I should spurn this gracious Friend
to follow my own way.

He loves me so, and how I need 
this blest Companion’s care.
Come, Holy Spirit, fill my heart,
I ask in humble prayer.

Also published as "The Underlying Cause of Evil"

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